Links to Organizations and Resources


American Turtle Observatory

Center for North American Herpetology

Chelonian Research Foundation

Chelonian Research Insitute

Desert Tortoise Council

Diamondback Terrapin Working Group

Florida Turtle Conservation Trust

Gopher Tortoise Council

International Sea Turtle Society

IUCN Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group

North American Box Turtle Conservation Committee

Sea Turtle Conservancy

Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles

Turtle Conservancy

Turtle Survival Alliance


Connecticut Turtle Atlas


Diamondback Terrapins of Tampa Bay: an Educator's Guide

Diamondback Terrapins: Living on the Edge (board game associated with above guide)


Turtles, Tortoises and Terrapins: A Natural History by Ronald Orenstein. 2012

Turtles of the Southeast by Kurt Buhlmann, Tracey Tuberville, and Whit Gibbons. 2008

North American Box Turtles: A Natural History by C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr. 2001

Turtles: An Extraordinary Natural History 245 Million Years in the Making by Carl J. Franklin. 2007

The Year of the Turtle: A Natural History by David M. Carroll. 1996

Turtles of Florida: A Guide to Common and Notable Species by George L. Heinrich and Timothy J. Walsh. 2011

Turtles of North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia: A Guide to Common and Notable Species by George L. Heinrich and Timothy J. Walsh. 2013

Turtles of Texas: A Guide to Common and Notable Species by Carl J. Franklin. 2015

Turtles of the United States and Canada by Carl H. Ernst and Jeffrey E. Lovich. 2009

Biology & Conservation of North American Tortoises by David C. Rostal, Earl D. McCoy, and Henry R. Mushinsky. 2014

Sea Turtles: A Complete Guide to Their Biology, Behavior, and Conservation by James R. Spotila. 2004


Texas Turtles


Photo credits:
Top banner: Sonoran desert tortoise (Gopherus morafkai) by George L. Heinrich